Thermoforming of plastics has been the working area of since years.

Evolved by the years to an exceptional specialisation thanks to the broad know-how én the thorough knowledge of the materials.
The proof of this you'll find in the several products which are provided to the most divergent applications and to the most respected companies all over the world

Qualitythinking and -doing is elementary when we develop ideas and production. Especialy because we take our "speciality" as a point of departure.

Which means we do not think in terms of mega-orders, but in terms of prototypes, small to medium serials and so-called difficult pieces which ask a large expertise in forms and finishing.

Our high standing quality remains of course characterising for our treatment. Just as well as the short delivery deadlines and it well-considered cost budget. So it is today. So it will remain tomorrow..

Gaining the ISO 9002 is only one basis, because searching for new ways to improve both product and process belongs to our regular activities.

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